Our Services

Northern Light Innovation understand that no client or project is identical to any other

So we create tailored proposals based on context, client insights and dialogue. We see our services as a flexible, evolving tool box from which we can take any combination of tools that fits the situation. Our toolbox contains:

Capability build & collaboration tools

Facilitation services for small or large groups: “Innovator facilitators”
Tailored workshops for problem solving on product, brand development, supply chain etc
Training in innovation tools, culture and Intellectual Property strategy.

Strategic Tools

Market mapping and opportunity identification
“Fresh eyes” review (focused on Insights, technology or supply chain)
IP landscaping
Assertive IP strategy (both before and after/during invention phase) – Technology Roadmapping – Innovation and platform strategy – Supply chain strategy

Idea generation and selection tools

– 3D innovation
– Targeted Ideation: generating a diverse list of what’s possible versus what’s needed
– Product, service, technology, supply
– OI and focused technology scouting/ expert sourcing
– Selection and risk reduction/ fatal flaw analysis
– Practical proof of principle

Delivery tools

Concept development and brand communication
Development programme planning – Creative technical problem solving – Product/ process development – Transformation science
Smart supply chain methodologies. Envisioned product attributes and features model