About Northern Light Innovation

We focus on what drives successful, high-impact innovation

NLI was founded in 2011 by Dave Roberts to address a common problem encountered within innovation. Namely that certain, core skills were not effectively engaged early enough in the idea generation and product design cycles. This disconnected state leads to inefficiency and missed opportunity. We believe strongly that successful innovation arises from a more holistic and connected approach, which links consumer, brand and market insight, product technology and end-to-end supply chain.  And because we all have real experience in delivering successful initiatives into the market, both big and small, we know how to make it work.

NLI serves both private and public sector clients spanning global and local blue-chip companies to university commercialisation teams. Core categories of expertise include food & beverage, beauty care and home care.

The NLI Specialists Network is a selection of world-class exponents of real innovation. Typically, associates have had 15 – 35 years of first-class hands-on experience before having moved into consultancy, delivering and leading innovation within complex corporate environments or in the tough world of technology start-ups.

Dave Roberts

Founder/ Specialist in IP strategy and Process Innovation

Dave is a Chemical Engineer, a global innovator for Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo across multiple sectors. Dave’s career evolved from process development and factory quality initiatives, upstream to an eventual specialism in front end of innovation and strategic IP.

Dave has also worked at the University of Oxford with Isis Innovation, commercialising IP, and with yet2.com as a technology scout/ Open Innovation consultant.

Dave amassed a very broad connected set of innovation skills and saw opportunities to use them holistically to help companies be more successful in making innovation sustainable (breakthrough) and also smart in risk terms. The holy grail of innovation.

In 2011, Dave put his idea into practice and founded NLI with a vision to use the broadest thinking and a holistic set of skills to help companies gain clarity and improved decisions during the nebulous early stage of innovation.